Sugar Substitutes For The Sugarholic

I love sugar! I could almost eat is straight from the shaker. In fact I might have even done just that a few times. But sugar is just plain awful! It has empty calories to make one fat, along with other theorized harmful effects. So I decided to cut down by searching for some sugar substitutes. Examples of reducing sugars are given in this post.

One product to help me cut down my sugar is some soda my wife brought home by accident, pictured on the left. This pop is called Lo-Cal Root Beer, made by Sprecher. I drink this in place of my 16 ounces of pop I used to drink with my nightly bowl of popcorn. It has just a little honey and natural sweetener, along with saccharine, to make it taste naturally sweet, without the usual yucky diet soda after taste. And, it has only 30 calories per 16 ounce bottle. I absolutely hate zero or 1 calorie diet drinks but I love this root beer. In fact, I can not drink regular pop any more as it tastes too syrupy.  If you are a pop drinker and hate diet drinks, give this product a try. You can order it online at or find a local store that sells it. We get ours, of all places, at a Menards Home store. And I did some research on saccharine – it has been around since 1878 and has been confirmed as harmless. And it is certainly less harmless than the 10 or 12 packets of sugar it is replacing. Pop is loaded with sugar!

After realizing that saccharine is not all that bad if it is combined with a small amount of sugar, I started using Sweet ‘N Low on my breakfast cereal. I cut my sugar in half and throw in a packet of Sweet ‘N Low saccharine sweetener. The result is cereal that tastes just as good as before.

There are many theorized harmful effects of refined white sugar like waste in the brain and cellular death. I don’t know if I believe in the validity of these claims, but I know one thing for certain: I am cutting out 200-400 calories per day without any effort. And in fact I enjoy my pop more now than ever before!  And I might be imagining, but it seems my memory is better. I am remembering names, codes and passwords better than usual – I will have to look into that more.

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